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Remember with carpet cleaning its all in the rinse

Do all cleaners rinse the carpeting? I wish the answer was yes but no all cleaners do not rinse the carpeting. Cleaning the carpeting without rinsing the carpeting is never a good idea. Without a good rinse the carpeting can have a lot of soap left in the carpeting. Soap can be sticky and attract dirt. A carpeting that looks clean can become dirty after the cleaning process because the carpeting was never rinsed and residue was left in the carpeting that attracted dirt.

A good rinsing of the carpet is the best way to reduce residue which can cause a carpet to re-soil. The cheaper cleaners skip steps. The better cleaners go through all the steps that are necessary to clean a carpet properly. So don't always assume price is the deciding factor. You need to get a quality job or you will be left out in the cold when it comes to a carpet that is not only clean after the cleaning has just been completed but for some time after that.

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