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Holidays approaching clean your rugs!

When did you last clean your rugs? Can't remember then you're probably due for a thorough cleaning. In home cleaning can not do the job that your rugs need for longevity. Rugs need a thorough dry soil removal to keep them from breaking down. In home vacuums, no matter the manufacturer claims can not accomplish this. A professional rug cleaner with a rug dusting procedure can accomplish this.

What is rug dusting? Rug dusting is a process where a rug is laid upside down on top of some grates. A rug dusting machine gently beats the back of the rug and the dirt falls from the rug through the grates onto the floor. Then a vacuum with a beater brush is run over the backing. The rug is turned over and and then a pile lifter vacuum is run over the face yarn. This is all accomplished before the actual cleaning.

Dry soil can really damage a rug and have it not have the service life it could if the rug had been properly maintained. Dry soil can become trapped in a rug and when you walk across your rug the dry soil can move around and cut the fibers. Have your rugs cleaned annually to keep them looking their best.
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You can drop off your rugs at our cleaning facility or have us pick your rugs up, clean the rugs and return them to you.

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