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Is Dry Cleaning Worth It?

Some benefits of dry cleaning are firstly quick drying time. Second would be cost. It is a cheaper process to implement. After that the benefits are harder to come by. Dry cleaning of carpeting was originally developed for a maintenance. The idea was to clean and rinse the carpeting once a year and then maintain the carpeting once a month with a dry cleaning procedure. This would keep commercial carpeting at it’s best. Looking clean all the time and helping to extend the life of the carpeting.

Dry cleaning is perfect for that. Dry cleaning equipment is cheap.A vacuum cleaner and a rotary are used. Both are very inexpensive. A truck mount and other steam cleaning equipment can cost upwards of $30,000 to $50,000. While a rotary and vacuum and peripheral equipment for dry cleaning only $1200.00. Dry cleaning is also less time consuming so labor costs are much cheaper.

Dry cleaning doesn’t rinse the carpeting. Rinsing is healthy and the most important part of the job. Would you soap up your body and then wipe the soap off with a towel and then feel clean? Probably not. So think about that when you choose dry cleaning for your annual maintenance.

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