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What Does Dunne Do Different when the clean my air ducts?

Most companies use a leaf blower to clean your ducts. A leaf blower? Yes, a leaf blower. You ever wonder about the price differences? There is a reason for the difference. Do you want technicians trained to clean your ducts or technicians trained to drain your wallet? When you hire someone to clean your Air Ducts you want to improve your air quality. You may want to improve your furnaces efficiency. You can’t do any of these things if you hire a company that cleans with a leaf blower but you can lighten your wallet.

When you think about hiring a company don’t just ask for the price to clean your ducts, find out
how they do it. The service industry is not like buying a TV, if you want a Sony TV it’s the same model no matter where you buy it, in the service industry everybody cleans differently. Some companies don’t care if your Air Ducts are cleaned or not they are just there to collect a check. Do you want these people in your home? I wouldn’t, how about you?

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