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Carpet Cleaning Tips

How do I get ready for a carpet cleaner? First step would be removing all the breakable items from the areas that are to be cleaned. Carpet cleaning companies usually don’t mind moving things but do to like to take responsibility for breakage. So removing items that can slip or fall off of tables and shelves is a good first step. You can also move any small items like magazine racks out of the cleaning areas.

A good next step is to think about the items you don’t want moved. There may be some things you don’t want moved. Like for instance a curio cabinet full of glass animals. If you have to remove all the pieces to an area not being cleaned and then put them all back away is it really worth it? You might even break these items moving them back and forth. China cabinets present the dame problem. If these pieces reach the floor they can be gone around. If these pieces have legs they can be gone under with the use of hand tools.

A good professional cleaner will go over what is to be moved before they start. A good cleaning company will also ask you what are your areas of concern, the areas that you feel need the most amount of cleaning. A good cleaning crew will give a good cleaning to all areas. A great cleaning crew will address your concerns and tailor the job accordingly.
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