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Why Hot, Humid Summer Days Activate Odors in Your Carpet, Upholstery and Rugs

Humidity reactivates odors. Drink spills, pet stains, soil from shoes-- they all have odor causing bacteria. They linger in your carpet, rugs, and upholstery until they are rinsed out.

Urine problems have alkaline crystals that eventually dry up after several months. But when a humid day kicks in, you'll smell the odor again. The odors can linger for years.

What happens when you spill a drink like coffee? Sugars are embedded in the fibers. Tannin and dyes in the drink bond to the fibers as well.

Misting a good spot cleaner on the stain and wiping with an absorbent cloth helps. But the stain REALLY needs to be rinsed.

I suggest you purchase a small Bissell type spot machine available at most department stores. But remember, the smaller the machine, the more likely you are to get it out when a spill occurs. Huge bulky machines tend to sit in the closet. Get something that's light and easy to use.

If it's a spill, first extract all the liquid from the carpet. Then, mist on a quality spot remover. Call our office if you need recommendations for good spotters. Last, rinse the area with pure water from your small spot removal machine. That's it!

Just remember to act fast. The tips above can save you from ugly permanent stains.

Of course, carpet and rug makers still recommend a yearly cleaning. The cleaning will completely rinse those spots and odors out.

And for severe odor and pet problems, call us right away. We employ the best cleaning agents to neutralize odors. We even have a tool that can pull pet urine from your carpet padding.

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When was the last time you cleaned your carpeting?


Don’t forget the Scotchgard Protection!

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