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Air Duct Cleaning who should I hire?

When searching for a company don’t just ask for a price, find out something about who you are hiring. When you step into the service industry you never know quite what you will get. Just asking do you clean ducts and how much, will deprive you of your money and leave it to chance that who you are hiring will give you a good job, bad job or no job.

Over the years I have heard you do a good job but I just want to pay for an ok job. Is there such a thing? No. The cheap guy is cheap for a reason. You get what you pay for and with air duct cleaning, the lowest price usually means a bad job which can be worst than no job. You’ll be lucky after the cheap guy comes out and the price stays cheap, usually the price goes up, way up. Most cheap guys are bait and switch, meaning the cheap price is a come on to get their foot in the door to your home, and once they arrive the price goes up, way up. The price going way up doesn’t mean you’re going to get a good job unfortunately you are probably going to get a bad job and just be out a lot of money.

A bad job can loosen up all the dust and debris in your ducts, and this loose debris can be blown through out your home making the situation worse. No dust removed but dust all over your home. Think before you hire. We only believe in doing the highest quality of work. Why settle for less?

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