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Old wives tales about when to clean your carpet.

What about the old wives tale about waiting as long as possible to clean?

Years ago people thought it was best to wait as long as possible before cleaning. See, here's the truth about steam cleaning.

When professional carpet cleaners started using the steam cleaning method, large amounts of water were used. And yes, sometimes water so hot that it would steam. These cleaning pioneers often used harsh cleaning agents. And even worse, so much water was used that the carpet stayed soaking wet. Really wet carpet also meant that dirty water still remained in the carpet.

So a few days later, all the spots could wick up from the backing. Some looked worse than before.

I'd like to tell you these problems are gone, but unfortunately they're not. Even today there are uneducated carpet cleaners using harsh chemicals and leaving carpets wet for days.

At Dunne Cleaning Specialists, we take the time to do the job right. Your cleaning will have the least residue and fastest drying possible to prevent spots from returning.

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